COVID Policy

As government restrictions continue to ease we are aware that infection rates are still high and some parents still have concerns. Therefore, we would like to reiterate the steps being taken in school.

Ensuring good hygiene
We will be continuing with the use of hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the building and extra washing of hands before and after breaks and lunch. Skin friendly wipes are available for children who are too young to wash hands.

Face coverings are not mandatory at the moment, but should you decide to use them please ensure your child(ren) is aware of how to remove/dispose or store them.

We are already promoting ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ with posters on display in each classroom and encouraging children to follow this promotion.

Staff are issued with additional PPE such as visors/masks, which they can choose to use.

We will be maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes through:

  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas.
  • Extra sanitation of toys/equipment which are used regularly e.g. food / home corner
  • For very young babies, toys are selected and placed in individual bags and sterilised at the end of each day.

Public Health
Self-isolation rules have now changed, currently if someone you live with has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive, you will not need to self-isolate if any of the following apply:

  • You are fully vaccinated (this means 14 days have passed since your final does of COVID-19 vaccination given by the NHS)
  • You are under 18 years old.

Public Health / Local Authority guidelines can be found at:

Many families may be travelling over the half term. Up to date guidance can be found at:

Please do not send your child(ren) into nursery or school if they are not well. If they are unable to participate in their normal daily routine/timetable they should not be in school. While the media attention has been concentrated on COVID rates and symptoms, we must work to reduce all infection rates.

In line with government and local authority guidelines, children with even relatively mild cold like symptoms should be absent from school/nursery for 48 hours or until the child is symptom free – whichever is longer.

Although the infectious period for COVID-19 may last 10 days or longer, the period of infectiousness is shorter. So if a child with COVID-19 but with symptoms other than the three main COVID-19 symptoms is excluded for the first 48 hours after developing symptoms, the risk of infection beyond that time will be much reduced.

Updates to restrictions / guidelines will be added as necessary.

October 2021