Equalities Policy
Legislation that informs this policy:
Equality Act 2010

Miss Shiels is our named ENCO.

At PPS our aim is that everyone is valued equally and has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of school life.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing an environment which allows access to all, where children feel valued as individuals and safe to talk about and express themselves freely.
  • Challenging any unacceptable, discriminatory language or behaviour.
  • Providing resources e.g. toys, books, posters which reflect and provide positive images of the diverse society to which we belong.
  • Naming an ENCO responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented.
  • Working closely with parents, informing them of our policies and ensuring they are aware of their responsibilities with regard legislation and school ethos.

We recognise certain pupils have protected characteristics and it is unlawful to discriminate against a pupil or prospective pupil because of their sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or maternity.

Through our curriculum we promote equality by:

  • Offering the same curriculum to all.
  • Offering the same opportunities to all.
  • Discussing the rights of all, to access to services and promoting British values.
  • We have a school uniform but have flexibility i.e. allowing children to wear long white cotton sleeves if they have been diagnosed with a skin condition / older girls who do not wish to have skin exposed due to their religious beliefs/on religious grounds to wear trousers/leggings under their skirts/pinafores.
  • Allowing children to bring prayer mats into school to pray at prescribed times.
  • Holding the same assessment for entry to all pupils.
  • The school also gives additional English lessons to children who have EAL.
  • Inviting parents in to school to talk to children about their roles/family celebrations. This gives positive role models seeing people from different groups including those with protected characteristics carrying out different roles they may aspire to hold.
  • In lessons/PSHE we discuss the rights of the individual.
  • We debate issues in Year 5 and 6 incorporating British values.
  • We encourage children to talk about their family events/celebrations inviting parents in to do the same – this insight in to cultures gives pupils a better understanding of others.
  • We bought resources to enable the children to play ‘blind football’ this is an opportunity for the children to experience a sensory loss and how it may affect. The first time we played this the children realised how their usual vocal cheering affected their ability to hear the bell in the ball.

This is a working document and should be reviewed and updated regularly (annually or sooner if legislation requires).

October 2021