The pre-school at Prestwich Prep’ is situated within the school building. The unit provides more than 1000 square feet of teaching and play area, with its own catering and washroom facilities.

Our proximity to Heaton Park allows us to provide the children with a wide range of outdoor experiences, playing with small P.E. equipment, nature walks, visiting the farm, all of which enhance our tried and tested curriculum.

At Prestwich Prepatory School our timetable employs the skills based curriculum pioneered in 1968 by Mrs Friesner with the aim of an early facilitation of those cognitive and social skills which are the basis for academic success in later years.

In practice we work with small groups of children to encourage them to develop the fundamental skills of spoken and written communication, reading and number. The childrens’ verbal and physical skills are developed together with the acquisition of factual information and social awareness.

Our timetable emcompasses all six areas of the Foundation Curriculum and extends beyond it with many children reaching their Early Learning goals before starting school. This has been recognised by a recent OFSTED examiner who commented that our children appeared to be a year ahead of their peers.

Such success has been achieved by having consistent tangible goals throughout a school with a reputation to maintain as a feeder for the Independent Grammar Schools.

The school is recognised by OFSTED as a provider of education at the Foundation Level for the purposes of eligibility for government nursery funding.