Personal, Social, Health & Economic Policy

Personal, Social, Health & Economic (including relationship) Education

Relationship education became statutory in all schools in September 2020. At Prestwich Prep we will include this in our PSHE curriculum.

Policy Availability
Our PSHE curriculum will be communicated to parents via the parent portal and available on the school website.

The policy covers our school’s aim to promote children’s development, wellbeing and achievements in all areas, to give them knowledge and skills which will prepare them for a range of situations they will experience and some they may not. Our children live in a world in which information can be overwhelming, derive from reliable and unreliable sources and often raises more questions than it answers. They access a virtual world which continually grows and is ever present in our daily lives. We feel it is therefore imperative that given the number of sources, including the playground, it is much better for children to receive the correct information and a range of strategies to enable them to behave in accordance with their own values and beliefs. Our curriculum aims to develop the children’s self-confidence, decision making skills and knowledge of people/places/organisations they can turn to for further help if required.

Creating a Safe & Supportive Learning Environment
We will create a safe and supportive learning environment by establishing ground rules, de-personalising learning as much as possible and giving the pupils the opportunity to ask questions anonymously. Where children indicate that they may be vulnerable and/or at risk, we will ensure they (and their families where appropriate) receive appropriate support by referring to the Designated Safeguarding Lead or appropriate agencies in line with our Safeguarding policy.

Entitlement & Equal Opportunity
At Prestwich Prep we promote the needs and interests of all pupils and our teaching will take into account the age, ability, readiness and backgrounds of children to ensure they can all fully access PSHE including relationships provision. We will, through the content of our lessons, address diversity issues and provide equality by ensuring all pupils have access to the full curriculum. As with all lessons differentiation will reflect the pupils being taught either through outcome or adaptation of resources and using a range of teaching methods.

We promote diversity and inclusion and expect pupils to consider others needs by:

• Maintaining the ground rules set out as a class
• Respecting others viewpoints even if it differs from their own

Learning & Teaching
We will determine pupils’ prior knowledge using short assessment activities at the beginning of each lesson. We will use a range of teaching methods such as providing information, watching clips, class discussion, interactive activities, sharing and responding to stories, role play, inviting visiting speakers. We will ensure lessons remain positive in tone, giving pupils knowledge about the consequences of lifestyle choices in a balanced way allowing them to make informed decisions based on fact and not alarmist. We want children to make connections between their learning and real life situations so will hold anonymous Q&A sessions, role play activities helping them to act out situations with their peers. This will also be helped by the timetabling of each topic to incorporate other areas of the curriculum where possible. For example, Spring Term Year ½ learn about maths in money so their PSHE including relationships topic will be ‘What can I do with money?’

We have referred to the PSHE Association guidelines in planning our timetable/curriculum and adopted a question base model – the overview can be found at the end of this document.

We allocate 50 minutes per week to a timetabled session of PSHE including relationships (which is one lesson) covering the topics as listed on the overview. This however is enhanced by daily activities that make up everyday life at Prestwich Prep including:

• Assemblies
• Marking celebrations and festivals
• House Captains (and House Captain surgeries)
• House points system
• Eco-committee
• Star of the Week
• Achievement Tree
• Table servers

The programme will be led by the Headteacher and delivered by the whole staff. Any question asked by a pupil will be answered honestly in accordance with the law of the land, if teachers do not have the answer they will endeavour to find our or signpost pupils elsewhere, including to their parents/carers. If any issue arises that causes concern our safeguarding policy must be referred to.

This is a statutory element of the curriculum for all schools and parents do not have a right to withdraw. There is a right to withdraw from Sex Education, but at this time we will not be including this as part of our curriculum.

We are committed to working with parents and are happy to answer any questions or discuss any topics covered in this policy. We hope you will support us in viewing this as an important tool to prepare our children for their future and encourage them to ask any questions they have.

May 2021