Complaints Procedure

1. Parents with a grievance contact their child’s class teacher who investigates the complaint and reports back (usually verbally) to the parent on the findings and subsequent actions taken. This process usually takes 1-2 days.

2. In accordance with legislation, a parent still dissatisfied after Stage 1 can state their complaint in writing to the Head Teacher who will investigate it further and reply in writing. This process should not take more than one week.

3. Parents/carers still dissatisfied after Stage 2 can request the convening of a formal complaints panel within 2 weeks of the written complaint. The panel will consist of two senior members of staff plus an independent nominee of the school. Parents may if they wish, be accompanied when attending the panel. The proceedings of the formal hearing will be issued in writing and any recommendation will be taken into consideration.

4. Parents not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 3 may take their complaint to Ofsted or DfE, but please be aware they do not investigate individual complaints. They investigate that the correct process has been adhered to.

Applications, Regulatory and Contact (ARC) Team
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Parents/Carers may also contact the Proprietor
Miss Patricia Shiels
400 Bury Old Road
M25 1PZ
Tel: 0161 773 1223

Number of complaints in the last 12 months – 1 (PPS)

February 2022