Curriculum and Ethos

Prestwich Preparatory School is a natural development of the first ‘teaching nursery’ in Manchester which was developed in 1968 by Estelle Friesner.

The educational policy of the school is to promote learning in five major skill areas: literacy, numeracy, reasoning ability, physical skills and social skills. We try to foster a work ethic whereby all children are encouraged to develop self motivation and academic interests. At the same time they are encouraged to appreciate their responsibilities to others, especially those less fortunate than themselves. In order to achieve these aims and to provide the widest choice of secondary schools we establish tangible goals for each child and continuously monitor individual progress through assessment of homework and class work. Parents are considered part of the learning team and are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress throughout their time with us.

Our curriculum is traditional. The morning emphasis is on the ‘three Rs’ giving way in the afternoon to a full range of subjects including science, music, art and the humanities. Although we do not adhere to the National Curriculum we do use it as a provider of useful suggestions for enhancing our range. A good measure of the viability of this approach is our year on year success at preparing children for Grammar School examinations.

Facilities for small group teaching allow us to cater well for the individual needs of both able children and those with learning difficulties. With respect to the latter we have a record of successfully integrating and teaching children who have been diagnosed with special needs.

In summary Prestwich Preparatory School provides a disciplined yet friendly environment where progress is not hampered by class size. In addition the semi rural location of the adjoining park is utilised wherever possible for outdoor pursuits which further enhance the curriculum.

Performance & Attainment

All pupils have ongoing assessments, their progress and achievement is reported termly and an annual report given to parents.

Pupils are entered for Entrance Examinations to the Grammar School of your choice. The information below are some of the receiving Grammar Schools.

Most Frequent Receiving School at Age 11

BOYS – Bury Grammar, Bolton School, Manchester Grammar, Oldham Hulme, St.Bede’s College
GIRLS – Bury Grammar, Bolton School, Manchester High, Withington, Oldham Hulme, St.Bede’s College